• Micah Hayes

No Eye Had Seen

In eternity past, before song or word

There was no light, no sound to be heard

Infinite knowledge and endless wisdom

Hidden in the heart of a sovereign agenda

Today we have many stories of old

But only one that began before legends were told

One God, three persons, one plan between

To reveal to man what no eye had seen

In the beginning, void without form

A canvas unrolled, a universe born

The Spirit hovered, the plan now in motion

Hidden glory in every crevice and ocean

Beauty and wonder filled the earth

Everything mirroring the Artist's worth

All creation displaying one perfect scene

To set the stage for what no eye had seen

In the garden, man and God walked in peace

Harmony amongst man, woman, and beast

Bodies and souls without sorrow or pain

Enjoying the glory of the Author's way

Be fruitful, multiply, make this your home

Said God to man, a reflection of his own

Looking on from the outside, it was tempting to believe

That this was the fulfillment of what no eye had seen

In the heart of man, but something stirred

A deadly curiosity, unsatisfied with the earth

Forgotten blessings, ignored purpose

A broken command, a tempting serpent

Tempting with worthless lies and burdens

What felt like freedom was really a chain

The entrance of death making humanity slaves

Eve looked at Adam, Adam back at Eve

On de-robed flesh, this no eye had seen

In the wilderness, the people traveled

From misery to misery as things further unraveled

Murder and idols, the story looked hopeless

People and nations irreparably broken

But all along, a promise endured

Through covenants and miracles, the plan secured

Though things were dark, God's people believed

Some day they would gaze on what no eye had seen

In the kingdom of Israel, they had a human savior

The nations raged, but the king was braver

Maybe this was it, maybe this was the final scene

God's people in God's place with God's decrees

Though the nation was settled, the hearts were unclean

Human power couldn't bring what no eye had seen

In the exile, darkest fears became known

The people taken captive, the destruction of their homes

City lost, temple lost, glory lost

Adultery with idols, this was the cost

But the prophets maintained a future restored

The people back in the place, but this time with more

So refuse to bow and fight to believe

Even Babylon can't stop what no eye had seen

In the return to the land, the people believed

There's work to be done, but maybe this could be

The moment, the fulfillment, the promise of old

God and man together, like the stories we were told

The Garden, the Kingdom, the Messiah will come

In our lifetimes, we could be the ones

To see with our own eyes, to step out of the dream

And behold for ourselves what no eye had seen

In the silence, the minutes and hours came slower

Any day now, but each day got older

Was there a prophet, a word, what about a vision?

The setting of Eden, but the glory was missing

Generations came and the old never saw it

Each new group brought a wave of exhaustion

The quiet fueled the cynicism that ignited the grief

Had God abandoned what no eye had seen?

In a small home, in a small town, in a nation forgotten

A young girl recited what she prayed so often

She wasn't a prophet or priest or religiously trained

But she was a part of the remnant that stayed

This night was typical, until a messenger arrived

Pure terror met divine favor at a virgin's bedside

With limited understanding, she said, let it be

I'm a servant of the one who no eye had seen

In the womb, the human mind cannot imagine

The miraculous conception God was crafting

The second member of the Trinity

Incarnate even before viability

A self-sustaining being completely dependent

Formed by the very hand that sent him

The plan of God pregnant with its seed

As Mary was pregnant with what no eye had seen

In the manger, the stench of earth surrounding

How can we lay the Son of God down in

A trough for feed, there's no where else

But this is no place for glory to dwell

Except this was indeed the goal of God

To send his grace to the lowest spot

Oh the irony of a helpless king

But this was the heart of what no eye had seen

In the days and years and ages to come

The mystery was unveiled concerning the Son

Humble beginnings led to a scandalous end

As the great plan of God seemed to hang by a thread

But a story written by an eternal hand

Cannot be hindered by death's demand

For the ending is written, it's been long decreed

That a holy God save sinners like you and me

For this is the gospel that no eye had seen

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