• Micah Hayes

Why I'm Starting a Blog

Isn’t everyone’s social media feed already full of articles and blog posts? Hasn’t everything that could be written, already been written? Do we really need more websites to look at and more things to keep us busy?

These are the questions that have kept me from starting this blog. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. There is a list on my phone of things I want to write about. But each time I talked myself out of it. Part of it was pride. “Micah, social media and blogging are for self-centered people that just want attention. You are too humble to put yourself out there like that.” Do you see the problem in what I told myself? I basically said, “You’re too good for that. You’re better than everyone else.” That’s sinful pride at its finest. It’s scary how pride can be so deceiving that you can actually take pride in your “humility”.

The other thing holding me back was fear. As odd as it sounds, I was afraid of you, the person reading this post right now. What you would think, how you might react or not react. I have always cared too much about the opinions of people and their acceptance of me. At the root of this fear is again, pride. What I’m saying is, “I want you to like me, I need you to accept me, what I really care about here is me.”

Turns out, I had the very self-centered mindset that I thought I was avoiding.

“But He gives us more grace.” I love that verse from James 4:6. We all need more grace. I certainly did. And I still do. God’s grace pointed out my sin and helped me see that it’s ok for me to start a blog.

If I could model my life after one character in the Bible (besides Jesus, obviously), I think it would be John the Baptist. God gave John a huge job. That job was to get people ready for the arrival of Jesus. So he went out to the desert and started preaching, and people started showing up. John started getting a lot of attention for his preaching and baptizing. But here’s the kicker: John didn’t run from the spotlight. He didn’t shun the world out of some false humility. He didn’t obsess over what people might think about his message. He embraced the platform that God gave him, and he used that platform to point people to Jesus.

John said in John 3:30, “He must become greater; I must become less.” But John didn’t just say that. He lived it. When Jesus showed up, his own disciples left him to follow Jesus (John 3:35-37). And John was cool with that. Because he knew that he existed for one purpose, to bring glory to Christ. God gave John a platform, and he used that platform to point people to Jesus.

I want to do the same thing. I want to think and write in a way that helps people to love Jesus more. In the few times I’ve published something I’ve written online, people have reached out to me to share how the post encouraged and challenged them. People I don’t even know were impacted by something I wrote. That’s one of the positives of living in a time where everyone is connected through social media and the internet. As Christians, I think we can harness that connection and use it for the kingdom of God. Like John, we can use our platform, however big or small, to point people to Jesus.

So I hope you’ll join me on this blogging journey by subscribing below. My prayer is that we can all be challenged through this blog to know Jesus and make Him known.

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